Gerardo Vela

Special Skills

  • Logic Based:Prolog
  • Web Developing and Designing:PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap
  • Content Management System:Joomla, Cascade Server, WordPress, CivicLive
  • Operating Systems:Windows Sever, Linux
  • Game engines: Unity
  • Languages: Spanish, English
  • Object-Oriented: Java, C#, Python
  • Imperative Language: C
  • Tools: Latex, Adobe Illustrator, Git, SVN
  • Web Servers: IIS, Wamp
  • Databases: SQL, MySQL, HeidiSQL, Oracle Database
  • Asset Management: ArcGIS, Hansen
  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Work Experience

- El Paso Water, City of El Paso

Computer Programmer - July 2017 - March 2018

Responsible to prepare documentation for each program and develop methods for establishing administrative controls. Evaluate and modify existing programs to achieve new objectives. Develop, implement and enforce procedural standards for programming activity using Python on ArcGIS. Analyze information processing requirements of user departments. Estimate and document resource requirements for input handling, processing and output preparation for each system function. Responsible to gather information from users to test existing functionality.

Programmer Analyst - March 2018 - Present

Responsible to maintain, improve, and evaluate existing systems such as Hansen, Chemware, and Intranet. Assist in the implementation of the new EPWater and TecH2O websites using CivicLive Content Management System. Prepare complete and precise instructions for end users. Provide technical assistance to operations and programming personnel by analyzing information, work procedures, and job methods to solve software problems. Review and approve proposed program logic. Ensure websites are mobile responsibe, tested, and documented before release. Train end users in capabilities of their systems, and guide them in dealing with related issues and problems.

- Susan Eisen Fine Jewelry & Watches

Web Developer - May 2017 - July 2017

Responsible to design, code, and modify websites with HTML, CSS, and Wordpress. Responsible to fix responsiveness of websites with CSS code and widgets. Creating website layout/user interfaces with standard HTML/CSS practices. Edit photos with Adobe Photoshop and edit videos with Windows Movie Maker. Responsible to develop comprehensive application testing procedures. Communicate project status with the supervisor and client.

- Instructional Media Services Center

Audio Visual Assistant and IT Assitant - June 2012 - February 2016 / March 2017 - July 2017

Responsible to set up and install equipment such as projectors, microphones, sound speakers, video screens, connecting wires and cables, and video monitors to classrooms and for events such as meetings and presentations. Responsible to fix, check, and update computers from instructors, classrooms, and staff. Provided assistance in printed information onto transperencies, laminate printed materials, and duplicate audio/video tapes. Responsible for the installation and maintenance of computers and projectors. Responsible for repairing equipment, configuring software and hardware. Assist in diagnosing and correcting media systems problems. Assist in maintaining inventory of equipment. Provided assistance to set up tech rooms for instructors and students.

- University Communications

Web Application Developer - October 2015-December 2016

Responsible to write well designed, testable, and efficient code with HTML and CSS. Assist in gathering project specifications and requirements. Assist in the development of the new The University of Texas at El Paso website, Colleges websites, and Departments websites with Cascade Server CMS and Joomla CMS. Communicate project status with the manager and coworkers. Discussed with the supervisor critical changes based on feedback. Responsible to train new students to use Cascade Server and HTML. Corresponded to add atables with HTML and CSS. Assist in adding blocks and content types to the websites, and migrating content from the old website to the new website. Creation of self-assessed interactions using ActionScript 3 and Adobe Illustrator.

Volunteer Experience

- Young Adults of the Diocese

Team Member - July 2018 - Present

Young Adult leadership group for the Diocese of El Paso. Committed in training and forming young adults in their faith. Corresponded to create and maintain website page for the group.


- El Paso Community College

Associate of Arts in Computer Science
August 2011-May 2014

- The Univerisity of Texas at El Paso

Bachelor Degree of Science in Computer Science
Minor in Math
August 2014-December 2016


  • (915) 603-9045
  • El Paso, TX.