Web Portfolio

I have assisted in the development of multiple websites starting on 2015. My duties as a Web Application Developer and Programmer Analyst are:

  • 1.Migrate content from the old website to the new website.
  • 2.Add blocks, Content Types, and tables with HTML and CSS.
  • 3.Train end users and approvers.
  • 4.Discuss with my supervisor critical changes based on feedback.
  • 5.Make changes and corrections to the articles.
  • 6.Maintain websites and SQL Databases.
  • 7.Add JavaScript and PHP code to improve functionality.
  • 8.Troubleshoot issues and implement new techniques.
  • 9.Make websites mobile responsive.
  • 10.Modify DNS settings.
  • 11..Create documentation for end users.

The following websites are listed by areas such as in Education, Marketing, and Government:

Content Management Systems