C# Desktop Application: Blackjack Game, May 2017

Blackjack, also known as twenty-one, is a played casino game. The game compares cards between a player and a dealer, meaning player competes against the dealer. The game contains 52 cards. The player wins a round if : he reaches a final score higher than the dealer without exceeding 21; if the dealer draws additional cards until he exceeds 21 points; and if the player gets blackjack without the dealer getting a blackjack. Each turn the player must bet chips, if the player wins then he will win his bet times 2 and in case of blackjack he will win his bet times 2 plus half the original bet, but if the player loses he will lose his bet. If the player and the dealer have the same points, a push will occur which will return the bet to the player. If the player has no more chips to bet, then he will lose and the game is over.

For this Desktop Application, I used the following classes:

  1. Deck.cs: Adds 52 card objects to a Deck and adds them into an array of cards.
  2. HandDealer.cs: Creates a List of cards. Adds cards to the dealer's hand and gets the total value of cards.
  3. HandPlayer.cs: Creates a List of cards. Adds cards to the players's hand and gets the total value of cards.
  4. Cards.cs: Creates 52 card objects and assigns a value to each card by combining ranks and suits.
  5. main.cs: Loads the main GUI where the game takes place.
  6. rulesForm.cs: Loads the rules GUI form where the player can see how to play and rules about the game.
  7. Source code available on: GitHub

Version 1.1 Updated June 25, 2017

Unity VR Game for the Oculus Quest: Find the Virgin Mary (Prototype), August 2019

VR Game that I created for a retreat on August, 2019. This simple game consists of a randomly generated maze for each gameplay where the player needs to find his way out of the Maze to find the Virgin Mary inside the Church. The only guidance the player has is the Church by the end of the Maze. Inside the Oculus Quest the player will feel like they are actually inside of the Maze and the Church. The game has simple mechanics where the player moves forward, back, left, and right with the Oculus Touch Controllers. Once the player finds the Virgin Mary, the game is over. The purpose of this simple VR Game is that no matter how hard the path is, you can always find the Virgin Mary.

The game contains the following assets:

  1. Maze: Randomly generated maze.
  2. OVRPlayer/Camera: Player asset from the Oculus SDK.
  3. Church: Church asset.
  4. Torches: Torch asset that iluminates the maze.
  5. Virgin Mary: Virgin Mary Portrait.